One22 Announces Shutdown Relief Grants

Neighbors Come Together to Face Government Shutdown:

One22 Announces Shutdown Relief Grants

Those who want to help ease the strain on workers affected by the federal shutdown, and those who are struggling because of the shutdown, are invited to turn to One22’s Emergency Assistance Program which has been a source of assistance for local families facing loss of employment, loss of housing, medical crisis, death, deportation, or natural disaster for more than 15 years. Today, a newly designated Shutdown Relief Grant can help many local families facing a new emergency— loss of income due to the federal government shutdown.

With a lead gift from the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole and support from Snake River Grill and other donors, One22 has launched Shutdown Relief Grants for local families. These grants are intended to assist families with unmet needs, interest on nascent personal loans, or other expenses. Several local banking institutions have produced new loan products to provide relief for this crisis, many with low or no fees; others with flexible options for supporting their customers during this situation.

“Many businesses and services are offering discounts or other kinds of help,” said Sharel Lund Love, Executive Director. “But the bottom line for most people who are now dealing with the loss or postponement of a second paycheck is that they simply need some financial help to get through this, and we are very grateful to those who are contributing to the fund to help this growing need.”

There are approximately 300 federal employees in Teton County and an undetermined number of residents who depend on government-contracted work. “Many affected families have expressed the need to dip into savings and to make very contentious spending choices.” said Love. “With a variety of resources available, our goal through One22 Shutdown Relief Grants is to help our neighbors navigate towards the specific help they need in order to manage their affairs and to avoid defaults or damage to their credit due to this crisis.” Love said that because this shutdown is unprecedented, it’s nearly impossible to predict the scope of the need or impact over the long haul.

“Sometimes in crises like these, we can’t fully see the effects until months down the road. When the back pay comes in after the shutdown, a family might find all that money going immediately out the door to bills, and then find themselves left with little or nothing to live off for the month,” said Carey Stanley, Director of Programs at One22. “One22 is here to help now and in the future.”

More information about this special category of Critical Incident Relief/Emergency Assistance can be found at

For those in need -- Assistance is available at One22 for all people in need in the Greater Teton community.  Shutdown Relief Grants are intended for both federal employees and others who attest to financial effects of the temporary federal government shutdown, and are intended for use towards fees and interest associated with short term loans, as well as other expenses related to loss of work. Applications are available online and at some financial institutions. Families or individuals in need are encouraged to call One22 to schedule an appointment with  a client service specialist.

For businesses or organizations offering assistance -- A list of local resources for families affected by the shutdown is available at To add your organization’s discount, program, or offer to One22’s Shutdown Resource List, please send details via email to Updates will be made to our website as soon as possible.

For those wishing to help -- Initial gifts have allowed for the launch of these grants; however, the length of the shutdown and community need are unknown at this time. Fundraising continues. Contributions can be made at or by mail. Donors wishing for more information should contact Sharel Lund Love at One22 directly.