A Statement from One22 Regarding President Trump’s Move to End Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program

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Unlike wildfires and hurricanes, the loss of a generation of dreams is one disaster that a collective will and legislative leadership can solve.

At One22 we are disappointed, but we are not surprised, by the Trump Administration’s announcement today ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which has protected 800,000 young undocumented immigrants brought to the United States  as children from deportation, allowing them to work and study here. This move was laid out in the president’s election campaign, and many of our clients began preparing for this possibility last November. Our hope is that the United States Congress will act thoughtfully in a bipartisan way to put together an alternative to the DACA program - one that brings stability to families in our communities, and honors the immigrant youth who are affected through no fault of their own.

We do not know how long this process will take, but One22 will be active in helping the civic dialog surrounding this issue to be respectful of the families in our schools, neighborhoods and workplaces who are our friends and colleagues. Jackson Hole is one, interdependent community, and those affected by this announcement are under considerable strain. They deserve our empathy and help, and at One22 we commit to provide both.

What we know: At this time, we understand that as a result of this announcement no new DACA program requests or applications for employment authorization documents (EADs) will be accepted, but that participants whose status expires between now and March 5, 2018, can submit renewal requests and EADs until October 5. We recommend the following website for additional information: https://www.uscis.gov/daca2017

Coming soon: We are working with community partners to offer resources to help expedite DACA renewal requests; more information about those options will be available in the coming days. We will keep our website and social media up to date with current news and information. Please visit www.one22jh.org.  

Right now: Those who need help preparing for a friend or family member to leave the home and/or depart the United States are urged to call the One22 office at 739-4500. We are able to support them in their emergency plans and in dealing with this difficult announcement from the White House today.

“All of us at One22 want a safe, healthy and secure community, as well as a vibrant economy, in which each resident has the opportunity to reach their dreams,” said Sharel Lund Love, Executive Director. “I hope everyone will implore our congresspeople to act thoughtfully on this challenging issue because, unlike the wildfires and hurricanes ravaging the west and south, the loss of a generation of dreams is one disaster that a collective will and legislative leadership can solve.”


US Senator Mike Enzi - (307) 739-9507

US Senator John Barrasso - (307) 261-6413

US Representative Liz Cheney - (307) 261-6595


About One22

One22 was established in 2016 by uniting three long-time legacy organizations, each with more than a decade of service to the most vulnerable segments of the Teton area: Community Resource Center, Latino Resource Center and El Puente. Through its interrelated programs, Language Access, Emergency Assistance, Latino Services and Community Education, One22 strives to help our neighbors manage hardship, make connections and move forward.

What's New With One22 - August 2017

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

From our work in the trenches, to our amazement at the heavens, it’s been an awe-inspiring summer at One22. Our leadership is growing, with the addition of Margot Snowdon to our Board of Directors, and the formal promotion of Carey Stanley to Program Director.

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After more than a decade of work in social service in Jackson, I continue to marvel at the courage shown by our neighbors in need who reach out for help. While data doesn’t tell the whole story, it does show a degree of magnitude to the number of people served in One22’s Emergency Service, Language Access, and Latino Support programs.  Take a look at One22’s July service data and join me in awe and pride.

In this month’s Spotlight, we’re pleased to provide insight into the interpretation portion of One22’s Language Access program. We’re working hard to maintain the soul of the former El Puente as we move forward as a unified One22 - when you understand the deeply held values of the interpretation field, I think you’ll see why.

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None of this would be possible without the dedication and skill of One22’s committed staff, or the generosity of good people like you who support us. This year’s Strength of One ad campaign aims to bring together our staff, our services, and our need for you. Every single person makes a difference, and so does every dollar. Please remember One22 in your Old Bill’s Fun Run giving - thanks to the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole, you’ll find us listed under One22, and under each of the legacy organizations.

Looking forward to fall, we are pleased to present The Community Interpreter ®, in partnership with the Wyoming Department of Health Office of Health Equity. Visit our website for more information about this opportunity to raise up the profession of interpretation in our community.
We wish you a happy and safe Labor Day Weekend, and we look forward to seeing you at Old Bill’s Fun Run on Saturday, September 9th. We’ll be celebrating the many faces of our community with face painting for the kiddos - come see us!

PS - If you or someone you know is raising funds to support a specific person or family in crisis, we can help provide additional exposure for your GoFundMe or other crowdfunding platform. Check out a new page on our website: Neighbors In Need.


Board of Directors & Staff Updates

Margot Snowdon

Margot Snowdon

Margot grew up on the East coast, graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, and has an M.S. in Education from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She moved to Jackson from Boston in 1979, intending to spend a year learning to ski, and never left. She taught yoga for 25 years, opening the first studio in the state of Wyoming. Since retiring from teaching, she has dedicated herself to supporting philanthropy in Jackson Hole, with a particular passion for social issues. She is an Emeritus board member of the Jackson Hole Community Housing Trust and Teton Science Schools. She currently serves on the Community Foundation Board, and is learning the ropes as a new board member at One22.

   Carey Stanley

   Carey Stanley

With El Puente since November 2015, Carey Stanley now works as One22’s Program Director. Carey holds a MA in Latin American Studies and an MA in Cultural Anthropology, with her research focused on the globalization of health and family planning, HIV/AIDS, and women’s health in Honduras. Carey brings a strong appreciation for cultural competency to the organization, having lived and worked abroad in more than seven countries. In her past life, Carey has worked in both applied and academic fields: conducting research, program evaluations, feasibility studies and program support in the family planning and global health fields; and teaching courses in Anthropology, Spanish and Women’s Studies.  When not at One22, Carey can be found playing in the mountains with her husband and three children.


A Look at Last Month: July Service Analytics

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Client Advocacy & Emergency Assistance

All three predecessor organizations, Community Resource Center, Latino Resource Center, and El Puente provided client assistance with a variety of specialties. Today at One22 a unified Client Advocate team coordinates services for better outcomes. Across the board our goal is to help manage and/or prevent crisis through proactive planning and personal consultation and advocacy. Here is a look at services provided in July 2017.




Language Access Program

Following the legacy of the former El Puente, One22 provides verbal interpretation services so that limited English-speaking members of our community can communicate effectively with healthcare providers in private practice, clinic, and hospital settings. Here is a look at July 2017 in Interpretation. Next month, we'll spotlight an important service many aren't aware of - the Provider-Patient Coordination of appointments, results, and more.


Spotlight: Interpretation Services

Many people know we provide interpretation services, but are often surprised by what that really means. One22 interpreters provide greater access to a broad range of health care services for Spanish-speakers; including women’s health and pediatrics, orthopedic and oncology care, in hospital, clinic, and private offices. In July One22 interpreters provided 390 sessions to help patients and providers make connections for better health.

One22 interpreters not only provide on-site interpretation services for Spanish-speaking members of our community, but they establish long-term relationships with clients and provide extensive support, information and referrals for people with serious illnesses, frightening injuries, or who face cultural barriers to receiving preventative care. Through the unified programs of One22, they make efficient referrals to address other needs too, such as immigration or financial empowerment assistance. Our goal is to ensure that no member of our community is denied access to medical care or human services due to a language barrier.  


Strength of One Ad Campaign

Our Strength of One ad campaign is running in the Jackson Hole Daily every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and the JH News&Guide every Wednesday through September. Our campaign focuses attention on the magnitude of our critical services, and the strength of One22’s staff. Below are the ads from the past six weeks of our campaign.

Community Interpreter Training



One22, in partnership with the State of Wyoming Office of Health Equity, is pleased to bring the first, and only national 40 hour program for community interpreting in the US to Jackson, The Community Interpreter ®. This training will help interpreters in various professional settings learn how to work towards the best outcomes of an interpretive encounter in order to enhance equal access to public services for culturally and linguistically diverse populations. The training program targets health care, education, human and social services. To learn more visit our website atone22jh.org/events


Neighbors in Need
An invitation to list your crowd-funding page with us

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We believe that our community is stronger as one. As often as we are asked for help, we are also contacted by those who want to help others in a time of need. Our new website seeks to link the two with a "Neighbors in Need" page devoted to community members in need of support. If you have a link to a GoFundMe or Meal Train page, or are seeking community support in general, we invite you to put a listing on our site. Message us on Facebook or email info@one22jh.org for more information. Click HERE to visit our"Neighbors in Need" page. 


How Can You Help? 

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Our Current Needs: 

Please remember One22 during Old Bill's giving period of August 1st through September 15th, 2017! Click HERE to make a donation through Old Bill's Fun Run.