Meet the Team

Our staff is comprised of nearly 30 experienced and culturally competent social workers, advocates, educators, and language experts.

Each one is committed to helping others with the serious, and often unexpected challenges of living in an area that is exceptionally isolated and expensive.


Our Executive Director 

Sharel Love 

Sharel joined One22 in May, bringing 11 years of nonprofit social service administrative experience to our agency. Prior to joining our team, Sharel worked as Executive Director of Community Safety Network, Jackson's domestic violence and sexual assault shelter and prevention program.

Client Advocates

Our experienced client advocates bring a variety of unique skills: 

  • Amy Brooks, Community Resource Specialist
  • Carmina Oaks, Community Resource Specialist 
  • Estela Torres, Latino Resource Specialist 
  • Bella Michel, Medical Financial Guidance Specialist 
  • Annel Hernandez, Client Advocate


Our dedicated team of interpreters provide medical interpretation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in a variety of health care settings. 

Pictured here: Cassie Morales, Marcela Gonzalez, Cindy Castillo, Marisa Santacruz, Meliza Wetzler

Not pictured:  Monica Lohn, Emily Gomez Ramsey, Marisol Hernandez, Monica Lohn, Nestor Luna, Anita Mahin, Alicia Moreno, Jennifer Marvin, Irene Poodts, Marisa Santacruz, Elisabet Telecher


Our Board of Directors 

Molly Kelly | Ulla Rasche |  Jeff Willemain | Lisa Carlin