Roosevelt Fire Disaster Recovery

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The Bondurant, Wyoming area is in the midst of experiencing a devastating disaster. The Roosevelt Fire continues on through the heart of the Bondurant community. Over 150 homes have been evacuated and to date approximately 50% of homes assessed by the Sublette County Sheriff's Office have been completely lost. The disaster continues as the community begins to enter into recovery mode and prepare for the difficult winter ahead and all of the loss and challenges that the fire will bring. For decades the the Bondurant Community Club  has served as the place for the community to gather and support each other. This fundraising page is the official page of the Bondurant Community Club and the official way to support those in the Bondurant community that have experienced loss. 100% of all money donated will be distributed to people that have experienced loss and to rebuilding core infrastructure for the community. Distributions will be done so under the auspices of the Bondurant Community Club Catastrophic Committee, supported by the Lions Club of Pinedale, Wyoming. All distributions will be made in a systematic and transparent way. We need your help to get this community back on track to longer term recovery. 

Highlights on why we need your financial support:

1. Bondurant is a small community with many retired people on fixed incomes that are now faced with financial distress.

2. Many people are under-insured or uninsured as a result of either high insurance premiums that they are unable to afford or being dropped by insurance carriers after they had moved in with an insurance policy years ago.

3. While we have had extraordinary immediate and short term support, the road to recovery will be a long one and people will need financial assistance in order to keep this community together and recover.

4. The news media has portrayed Bondurant as a "second home" or "summer home" community. While there are some people that do have summer homes in the area, there are hundreds of full time permanent residents that will experience loss. Funds will be disbursed according to need with primary residences treated as priority #1.

5. Hoback Ranches, where a majority of the devastation has occurred, self-funds all infrastructure. For instance, there are 26 miles of roads that need to be repaired and restored from heavy fire fighting equipment.

Things this money will be spent on:

1. Covering under-insured and uninsured people for rebuilding, repairing, furniture and other fundamentals.

2. Securing temporary housing for people that need it through the winter and through the recovery period.

3. Generators and ancillary equipment and supplies to power homes until electric infrastructure can be restored to avoid further damage and enable people to live in their homes.

4. Securing safe access to the community and to homes. Clearing debris from roads and people's properties.

Tax deduction donation letters will come from the Lions of Wyoming Foundation. If people prefer to write checks, they should be made out to "Lions of Wyoming Foundation" with a memo stating "Roosevelt Fire" and mailed to Bondurant Community Club, PO Box 71, Bondurant, WY 82922.