Bring Bryce Back

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On March 27th, while ascending Cody Peak outside of Jackson Hole, a cornice below our good friend and brother Bryce Newcomb gave way and took him for a nasty fall down a large cliff face and tumbled roughly 1000’ vertical feet. Bryce suffered a severe head injury and was subsequently Life Flighted to the East Idaho Regional Medical Center in Idaho Falls.

Bryce is currently in the ICU and remains in critical condition. Bryce will soon need to be moved from the ICU in Idaho Falls to a different facility that will be best to help in his recovery. 

As most of you know, Bryce is incredibly resilient and certainly has the will to make a full recovery. Bryce’s journey back to health is both urgent and is going to require a considerable amount of time and care. As you can imagine, the expenses are already starting to add up and we anticipate this becoming a major financial burden for Bryce and his family. Bryce is insured, but these expenses are in addition to and beyond what is covered by insurance. It would be amazing if the expenses associated with getting Bryce the best possible care were a non-factor.

If you can, we are asking for a donation, which will go a long way in assisting Bryce with his recovery. Bryce needs help from the countless people that know and love him. The love and support shown for Bryce has already been truly inspiring, and we appreciate your help in getting our buddy back to health!