Apartment Fire

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I am a single mother of 3 super great children. Brandon is 12, Brandy is 9, and Brady is 7. We have no family in the area, but all of my children were born here. We had two unexplainable fires in our low income apartment in the span of 8 1/2 hours. No one can determine the cause yet. We had to dispose of 1,700 pounds of our belongings. This is what we immediately need; a place to stay for a month while our place is repaired, money for food, and a catsitter so I can keep my job. Also, we had just bought a brand new laptop and it is unfortunately ruined. My children were using the computer often for school purposes. Since we live in low income housing, we have to pay for carpeting and wall repair for the entire apartment. I have no idea yet how much that will cost us. We now feel that our apartment is unsafe because the investigators cannot determine the cause and the manner in which the fires occurred is such a puzzle. We really hope to somehow find an apartment or even a Habitat home in Jackson, Wyoming for no more than 30% of my income (as I am on disability and am trying to keep my new UPS part time job). I have an emotional support cat named Carmel, and he would need to be allowed wherever we end up. When we do find a place we will need help with furniture. Furthermore, our 16 year old minivan is seriously on its last legs. I don’t see how my family could survive without a dependable vehicle. Over the past 6 years, I have moved my family around the country from coast to coast because I didn’t know what to do after I got divorced. Last year, my kids and I made the decision to permanently move back to Jackson because we love this place so much. Please help us to be able to stay in Jackson. We belong here and hope that this community can help my family overcome this adversity. Thanks to any and all help! Sincerely, Christie, Brandon, Brandy & Brady